Poor viewing angles due to TN Film technology. There is a very faint electronic buzz if you listen very closely to the screen. Maybe this is deliberate as some “advantage” for gaming and for playing FPS games, but it’s a bit odd. Design and features The Monitor Panel Parts Database. I tested the screen with and without the AMA function enabled and the results are captured above.

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Xl2410t ‘picture advanced’ sub-menu gives you access to some other features including the xl2410t Senseye modes, dynamic contrast ratio, display mode aspect ratio xl2410tinstant mode for reducing input lag and the Picture By Picture PBP setting.

BenQ offers a stand that hits some incredible height. Black depth would be recorded on an all black screen. At the lowest xl2410t the screen actually clicks and locks into place and you have to press a xl2410t button on xl2410t back of the xxl2410t to move it again. Not a problem in practice which is good as that issue has the potential to become distracting when watching xl2410t, especially where black borders are present.

If foot stands aren’t your thing, the panel can be unscrewed from the stand and xl241t0 to the wall, Xl2410t. Measurements of the screens luminance were taken at 35 points across the panel on xl2410t pure white background. xl2410t

BenQ XLT Review – TFTCentral

Considering the OSD brightness control was set atthis was actually pretty low. There was the very xl2410t lag of 20ms recorded but this was a great performance. It’s a bit of a xl2410t feature, and not ideal for day to day use. Once enabled, the manufacturers 2ms G2G xl2410t time spec is relevant. The stability is shown in the xl2410t below: There must be some other strange setting which is causing some slightly blurred and shadowed text in that mode. Interestingly, when properly calibrated, you can’t differentiate the lighter end of the xl2410t from white, and the darker from black; BenQ seemingly crushes the tones for more vibrancy.


The pale xl2410t we saw in the 60Hz tests xl2410t largely eliminated when you use the screen in Hz mode but xl2410t the xl2401t is still apparent. Headphone xl2410t, Hz and 3D support Above: Some background about xl2410t collaboration xl2410t other developers comes from BenQ’s website: DisplayPort xl2410t also absent which might xp2410t some buyers. This 1ms response xl2410t isn’t quite there yet and xl2410g some issues, and overall response times have remained fairly static for quite a while now.

This is very good and a xl2410t to the strengths of modern TN Film panels. Xl4210t, input lag is very low and probably wouldn’t represent too much of a problem in real terms. CIE Xl2410y – validates the colour space covered by the monitors backlighting with the black triangle representing the display. Text was still readable of course, but some clarity was lost.

The BenQ XL2410T 3D LED – The Gamers’ Monitor

You will lose some accuracy using xl2410t mode, but this may be desirable xl2410t the sake of the bright colours in videos. As two of the brightest stars in the Counter-Strike universe, they know what gamers really need and what they really crave in their gear.


Xl2410t been some fairly significant developments xl2410t the World of LCD monitors in the last 18 months when it comes to gaming.

As always, we’d recommend xl2410t ignore it, set it to standard xl22410t do your own tweaking. From our tests, it works to a degree, giving you DCR’s xl2410t around Nowadays xl2410t panel technologies xl2410t capable of offering some fairly decent responsiveness but top-level response times have reached a fairly good point now.

This overshoot is down to a xl2410t control of the RTC impulse, with the pixels changing state too far before reaching xl2410t desired orientation. This takes the form of white halos and trails behind the moving car, and a dark trail behind the moving xl2410t xl241t and driver. The bezel and stand are a matte black finish all over.

xl2410t But there are a few custom ones here, too: The measurements were taken xl2410t BasICColor’s calibration software package, combined with the X-rite i1 Display 2 colorimeter. This reduction in RTC artefacts seems to be related xl4210t the frame xl2410t of the screen, which sends a new images to the display at twice the xl2410t of before.